Kizzy Rodney, a visionary speaker and founder of Elletory, a podcast dedicated to narrating women’s stories of life, love, and leadership. Her mission is to inspire self-belief and guide individuals with courage and grace through life's complexities.

With a background in sociology and over 20 years as a life coach, Kizzy currently holds a progressive leadership position at a public post-secondary institution, runs her new podcast Elletory, has a blog called In Her Tone, and parents two young boys. She firmly believes that we are all connected through our shared experiences. When we illuminate our experiences - good and bad- it only makes us stronger. Through life, love, God and leadership, she aims to empower individuals to flourish in their journey.


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Understanding Your Mindscape

Learn more about our mindscape and how it affects our daily life.

Mental Strength

Read these 9 tips that will help you build your mental strength and regain control over your life.

Rushing Through Life

4 Ways to slow down and appreciate all the moments life has to offer.

Embracing Your Body As It Is

Learn how to embrace the body your in without regret.

The Comparison Trap

5 Ways to stop comparing yourself to others.

Finding Your Joy at Work

10 Tips to achieve a more balanced approach at work

Highlighted Events

Panel Moderator

Discussion with Wes Hall

George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario

Feburary 8, 2024


What is Beauty?

Black Student Success Network, Toronto, ON

March 11, 2020


Administrative Day

George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario

October 25, 2023


A Place For All

York University, Toronto, Ontario

April 2013

Keynote Speaker

Community Based Researcher Graduation

York University, Toronto, Ontario

May 1, 2012

On her YouTube channel, listeners can tune in to “Elletory - The Podcast” where she narrates candid perspectives and experiences of everyday women. Through engaging videos, Kizzy shares her insights, experiences, and a touch of fun, creating a virtual space for connection and inspiration.

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